Microsoft Power BI Development

Take advantage of our expert services to get the most from your Microsoft Power BI Investment. Let us show you how you can craft stories of value from your data across your organization. In a matter of days you can be up and running with your desired insights across any device!

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Customized Microsoft Power BI Training

Want to become a Microsoft Power BI Pro? From introduction, to advanced designing and more we deliver customized training that fits your skill sets and desires for crafting your own stories of value using Microsoft Power BI. This includes going beyond basic design, and into advanced story telling as well as predictive analytics with R.

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On-Demand Microsoft Power BI Training

Complete our Microsoft Power BI trainee profile and then get access to our on-demand library of Microsoft Power BI content for self-paced training. From basic's to advanced concepts in great story telling!

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Unlock the value hidden in your data

Feeling trapped in Excel reporting? Pulling data from too many places to complete reports in a timely fashion? Ready to break free from the reporting nightmare?

Tap into our expertise and allow us to show you how in days you can be up and running with Microsoft Power BI and gaining desired insights across your organization.

We start our process understanding your critical questions, focusing on people and data first. Then from this point craft stories of value that are specific, agile and enable you to gain the insights needed to take intelligent action.

Further we bring our expertise to you, with our customized training enabling you and your team to become Microsoft Power BI Pro's. From basic data modeling through advanced story telling and more you enter the driver's seat and command your own insights at will!

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