and are sites dedicated to enabling people to become masters at data story telling, master of BI, AI and Code. Data story telling itself is both an art and science that mixes talents across the technical spectrum and digital design space. Further mixing in the concepts that come with BI, AI and Code development means enabling the now and future needs of any company across the technical divide.

With this understanding equal amounts of time spent on the ability to connect data across a board sets from very structured to loosely coupled pairings. Further understanding of the audience in which the narrative is meant to engage and finally educate through the process of exploring and exposing meaningful and useful insights.

To this end, becoming a master at data story telling is a mix of business understanding, data knowledge and the psychology of engaging an audience for the end result of enlightening and educating said audience that in turn spurs correct and timely action. This is further deepened with dives into BI, AI and Code.

In order to give best approach for guidance and overall parting knowledge unto seekers of insights, an unfolding of information must take place. This must take place in a way that allows the person to build confidence through areas of strength and provide alleviation via discovery of weaker aspects within ones capabilities.

Thus here at and we apply the hierarchical models found in ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy’ that classifies learning objectives into specific levels of complexity and mastery. These levels, when followed then allow the student to blossom into a deeper and more satisfying experience that leads into mastery of data, BI, AI and Code techniques and approaches.

To find out more details related to the above mentioned and pictured taxonomy feel free to visit the Wikipedia page on the topic: ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy Wiki Page’.