Azure SQL options – The Arrival of the modern data warehouse – part 2

Recently I wrote about the arrival of the modern data warehouse, per Microsoft Azure design concepts. In this I walked you through an introduction of what this really means, from a high level perspective. This included a walk down memory lane as it pertains to the birth and evolution of the concept we call data warehousing. [caption id="attachment_280" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Azure Modern Data Warehouse Architecture[/caption] With this you were able to then establish a great overview of what is coming with this new approach and paradigm in regards to design and architecture. Its always important to understand where you have been. In doing this, giving correct amount of priority to understanding the past, your able to better anticipate the future. You will then better understand where you are going, in relation to Microsoft's modern data warehouse architecture and design. (more…)

By brandon, ago