It has been some time since I have really focused in on technical writing, relating to my career. For those that do not know I was a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Dynamics AX for three years. That came from speaking at events like AXUG Summit, what was once called Microsoft Convergence and other such events like Focus, and so on and so forth.

The real ‘claim to fame’ if any could be attributed to me, was found in my blog focused around all things Microsoft Dynamics AX. That is still up, though the supporting content long gone now. (For reference, that older blog was: Here now sitting out some five years from retiring that blog I have wanted to get back into my serial writing habits.

I will be the first to admit that it has been hard to have clarity of focus around specific topics of value.  Such topics that I would like to know more about and target with getting back to adding my voice into the community at large.

With that I set off to create this site, and its sister site, currently under construction The sister site is really the essence of renewed focus I have that will be driving the content on this site and as well.

The word Oppia is a Finnish word that translates into English: “Learn”. And that is exactly what the two sites are meant to enable. To help the larger community learn through my ramblings, rants and full register of idea’s.

Oppia – Finnish word that translates in English to Learn

With that the singularity in which this blog will focus as been honed and established. That focus then is to help others learn effective data story telling capabilities. Each post then has that essence built into its core and content.

With data story telling then as the prime directive, the tool of choice in which to finalize and frame such capabilities is Microsoft Power BI. and prime directive is to enabling people to have a single source in which to master the science and art of effective data story telling.

In order to be applicable and meaningful the style of this sites post will be that of a ‘cook book’ or ‘play book’ approach. Both concepts set well in the mind then of how content will be prepared, tested, tasted (pun yes) and released into the wild. Supporting then the articles that will be found here, will use a host of other learning tools to support video, tutorials and fully vetted, syllabus based training content centered around the science and art of data story telling.

With that we now have our first post here, welcoming those friends old and new. For sure I will work to also update my other web resources and have them clearly pointed and directing all efforts to here. My new extended brain on the inter-webs that will hopefully encourage, empower and allow you to embrace the essence, art and science of effective data story telling via Microsoft Power BI.

The following resource is one of a series of webinars I have recently did as part of the larger Microsoft Power BI User Group (PUG). “Advanced Data Story Telling with Microsoft Power BI (PUG)”

This will include a host of other Microsoft Azure and stack technologies, from the core to the edge and back again. Cheers to you all, feel free to always leave comments, give feedback, ask questions and be engaged with me on this new journey and focus.

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